The Analytics service pack links the UAV+sensors platform with an algorithm for automatic detection and recognition of objects of interest, potentially providing actionable reports in real time of inspection. Due to artificial intelligence-based algorithms used for analysis, vast amounts of data can be captured and processed over a single flight. This service is especially advantageous for regular, repetitive inspection over long distances, large areas and quantities.

High-precision 3D measurements

Analysis of 3D point clouds generated from LIDAR data

- Professional 3D analysis software
- Automated object filtering, classification and identification
- 2D and 3D profiles
- Computer simulations and modelling on demand

Object detection and recognition

Automated AI-based algorithms

- Powered by computer vision and machine learning
- Rapid automated processing of vast amounts of data
- Identification of objects, defects, details and other features

Real-time object tracking

For immediate decision making

- Visual, thermovisual, multispectral or other data
- Real-time object detection and recognition
- For emergency inspection, security, wildlife monitoring, crowd control, etc.

Multispectral analysis

Enabling intelligent agriculture

- Calculation of various parameters (e.g. NDVI)
- Assessing plant health
- Evaluating soil productivity
- Estimating yields
- Guided focused fertilization
- Boosting farming efficiency

Analytics of custom sensor data

UAV versatility for cutting-edge science & technology

- Analysis of any type of data collected by custom sensors
- Varied types of sensors can be attached to UAVs (also provided by the client)
- Individual optimized solution is created for each case